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How to crack the RBI Grade B DEPR Exam: Syllabus, Notification and Strategy

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RBI DEPR 2024 Exam: Here’s the Good News…

Here’s the Good News: For the RBI DEPR 2024 Exam, the best course has commenced ! That means, during the next 1 year, we will work very hard to help you do your best in the next year’s exam. And we mean it ! We will help you decode the syllabus for the RBI DEPR Exam, familiarise you with the RBI DEPR exam pattern & previous year questions and form a strategy to do your best in the RBI DEPR 2024 Exam.

We will repeat our own performance . . .

When we launched our first ever Mock Test in February-2021 for the RBI DEPR 2021 Exam, our intention was clear: We wanted to create the best Test Series for RBI DEPR Phase-I Exam ! Fast Forward 2 Years and you know that Testonomics provides the best Test Series for RBI DEPR Phase-I Exam.

Similarly, when we decided to introduce 2 video courses for the 2023 exam, we were committed to ensure that the courses on Statistics + Econometrics as well as Microeconomics should be the best available courses. We had worked very hard on both the courses and when we saw the RBI DEPR 2023 Phase-I and Phase-II Exam papers, we were satisfied with the contents of these courses. Of course, your words of encouragement spur our desire to make the course even better for the next year’s exam !

Committed to Making this the Best RBI DEPR Course. . .

Today, when we are launching the RBI DEPR 2024 Course, we again have the same intention: We want to make this the best available full-course for the RBI DEPR Examination. The course will contain quality videos to cover the entire syllabus of the RBI DEPR 2024 Exam (valid for 01 year from the date of enrolment), a few e-assignments and the best Tests Series for RBI DEPR 2024 Phase-I Exam. To help you decide, the course includes 11 Trial Videos as well.

To watch these videos, after login to the App (App’s Download Link Given Here): Click on ‘Store’ > RBI DEPR 2024 Full-Course > Click on ‘Content’ written on the Top

To understand the details, consider spending a few minutes to watch this video:

Also, here are the answers to some of the anticipated questions: Click here

For more information, you can refer to this page

The Course has Already Started. Let’s meet in Video Course, soon !

Should you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us


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