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Test Series

Testonomics Test Series is available only on the website (and NOT on the App). It can be accessed only through a Desktop / Laptop.

In the RBI DEPR 2024 Test Series Schedule , we have mentioned only the release dates of all Mock Tests.Once these Mock Tests are released, they can be attempted at any time till their validity. All Mock RBI DEPR 2024 Mock Tests are valid till RBI DEPR 2024 Phase-2 Exam.

We would have loved to discuss these questions with you, but at present, due to other pre-occupations, this will be not be feasible. At this time, we only promise to exert sincere efforts to make quality Mock Tests that add to your present knowledge/ understanding of the subject. Solutions of these Mock Tests will be provided in the Solutions’ panel and if you have any doubt regarding questions included in the Test Series, you are free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

That was bound to happen! Like mentioned on numerous occasions before, the subscription allows the enrolled candidate (that is, the candidate who has paid the fee to Testonomics) to access the content for personal use from a single device only. When a login is attempted from another device, it may automatically result in account suspension. We are not in a position to assist you in this matter. Kindly seek a refund from the person to whom you have paid.

At this time, this is not possible. The Test Series can be accessed only from the website using a Laptop / Desktop.


We respect your request, but unfortunately, we will NOT be able to accommodate it. Actually, many candidates may have enrolled in that Test Series /Video Course after the expiry of Launch Offer Discounts. Those candidates have enrolled at the Full-Fee.
Now, if we accept your request of allowing you to access the launch offer Discounts, it is unfair for candidates who had paid the full-fee.
Hence, like mentioned before, we respect your request but our hands are tied.

Please note that, in general, the discounts that we announce (mostly as launch offers) will be available only till the mentioned dates. Of course, we can extend the last date of availing these discounts, but once these discount coupons expire, there is unlikely to be any discounts of similar magnitude in future

Video Courses

Download our mobile / Tablet App. iOS users should download the "Classplus" App and use the Organisation Code "VSSPM" while login.

After login, click on Store > Your Desired Course

Payments for Enrollments should NOT be made on the App. Rather, use the weblink provided below to Enroll in Course.

Use the link . For login, use the Organisation Code VSSPM and your mobile number which you have used to register on our App (For making the payment, you can use any device, including a Laptop).

After you have made the payment, you will be able to access the Videos through the mobile / tablet App

No. The video courses can be accessed only through the App, which can be installed only on a mobile or a tablet.