What is Testonomics?

Testonomics is a platform that helps you to streamline your preparation for coveted exams related to Economics discipline. To begin with, we are providing you with a high-quality Test Series prepared by our experts. This Test Series can be crucial to evaluate your present understanding of Economics’ concepts and fill the gaps in your preparation.

How We Help ?

Our technical subject knowledge and an understanding of the demand of competitive exams makes us well-equipped to help you outpace your competitors.

We aim to provide you with high quality preparation material for competitive exams. At this stage, we are providing only Test Series for coveted exams like that conducted by RBI (only DEPR stream).Given that a small number of vacancies are advertised for such coveted exams/institutions, especially those under specialist Economics discipline, consistent preparation with concurrent evaluation can fill the gaps in your preparation and can give you a distinctive edge over your competitors.