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Vaibhav Rathore Indian Economic Service 2023 Topper

Indian Economic Service : Interview Transcript : Vaibhav Rathore (Selected Candidate, UPSC IES / ISS 2023 Exam)

Note : Vaibhav Rathore was NOT enrolled in any of the Initiatives of Testonomics. He has kindly shared his Interview Transcript with Testonomics for the benefit of the aspirants of Indian Economic Service Exam.

Greeting to all aspirants of the Indian Economic Service Exam. My name is Vaibhav Rathore and I have cleared the Indian Economic Service 2023 Exam in my 1st Attempt. I have completed by BE Mechanical (BITS Pilani) and M.Sc. Economics (IIT Delhi). Today, I am sharing my Interview Transcript with You. I hope this adds value to your preparation of Indian Economic Service Exam. 

Let’s begin !

UPSC IES / ISS 2023 Interview Transcript

Name of the Candidate : Vaibhav Rathore

Interview Board : RN Choubey Sir

Duration : 25-27 minute

Chairperson (Smiling face throughout)

1. Tell me your Education background and work experience

2. Why switched from Mechanical to Economics?

3. During Covid there were two schools of thoughts – One supported liquidity infusion to create demand and another one supported liquidity management to control inflation. Which one do you support?

Long discussion around this.

4.What is tolerance band for inflation targeted by RBI? What should it have been during Covid?

Member 1 (Lady member)

1. How was your experience different during Online and offline classes (during Master’s)

2. Courses studies in 1st year?

(Picked Indian Economy from last answer)

3. Tell me how has planning changed post planning commission dissolution.

4.Mentioned the shift from Centralized to Indicative planning and cooperative federalism as core principal of NITI Aayog.

She Wanted more details (looked dissatisfied with the answer)

5. Difference between notes of different denominations (say ₹1,2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500) ? Which denomination notes are into circulation currently? Again looked dissatisfied with the answer.

Here, Chairperson sir intervened and told next person to ask

Member 2 (Lady member)

1. In which cities is bullet train project going on? Are more such projects planned? Which nations are helping India in this? Opinion whether government should put money in such projects?

2. India is developing more coal fired power plants. Then how can it meet its emission reduction target?

3. Long discussion around COP28 and India’s role in addressing climate change.

Member 3

1. What is Credit Default Swap?

2. Global financial crisis reasons? Mentioned Glass stegall act in the answer, so Chairman sir asked what is the act?

3. How to avert such crisis in future?

4. Discussion around Basel norms (Mentioned this in previous answer)

5. Is Economics a science or arts? How is it a science and how not a science?

6. Which domain of economics deals with testing of economic theories? (Took from last answer) – Said Econometrics

7. What is multicollinearity and its implications?

8. Which podcast do you listen? Tell one recent one which u had listened. (DAF based)

Chairman Sir – We have asked whatever we wanted to, if u have anything to ask then u may ask .
Said – Thanks for the opportunity, but I have nothing from my side.
Sir – Thank you, your Interview is over.

Overall Experience – The board was really cordial, Chairman sir made the entire environment encouraging. Felt a bit uncomfortable while answering questions of Member 1. But I think its a part of process, and confidence is the ultimate key.

All the best!!

I am also sharing my Indian Economic Service Detailed Marksheet with you :

Vaibhav Rathore Indian Economic Service 2023 Topper Marsksheet

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