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Career Options After M.A. Economics / M.Sc. Economics Degree

Have you completed Master’s Degree in Economics ? Are you ready to explore the exciting career options that await you after completing your MA in Economics? With this versatile degree, you’ll have a wide range of opportunities to choose from and make a significant impact in various fields. After completing Master’s Degree in Economics, you have the option to become Business Analyst, Professor of Economics, crack RBI Grade B DEPR Officer, Research Associate, Data Analysis, etc.  

Business Analyst

One popular career option for MA Economics graduates is becoming a Business Analyst. In this role, you will analyze market trends, economic data, and financial reports to help companies make informed decisions and develop strategies for growth. Here are some of the job listings related to Business Analysts

Professor of Economics

If research and academia are your passion, pursuing a PhD and becoming a Professor could be an excellent choice. With your expertise in economics, you can contribute to the field through teaching, publishing research papers, and mentoring future economists.

RBI Grade B DEPR or UPSC Indian Economic Service

For those aspiring to work in the government sector, there are several prestigious opportunities available. Government recruitment exams such as RBI Grade B DEPR (Department of Economic Policy and Research) or UPSC IES (Indian Economic Service) can open offers opportunities to work in prestigious Government Departments. Here are some of the best online courses for RBI DEPR Exam

Research Associate

Another avenue worth exploring is working as a Research Associate. Many research institutions and think tanks hire MA Economics graduates to conduct economic research projects and provide valuable insights into policy-making processes.

Data Analysis and Data Science

The field of data analysis also presents promising career prospects for economics graduates. As a Data Analyst or Data Scientist, you can leverage your quantitative skills to analyze large datasets and derive meaningful conclusions that drive business decisions. Your expertise in analyzing complex data sets will be invaluable in industries such as finance, market research, or consulting.

Economics Teacher / PGT Economics

The recruitment of PGT Economics Teachers is being done by different State Universities. In addition to school teaching, you can teach Economics at other fora also or get into Entrepreneurship and start your own venture.


If you prefer flexibility and independence in your career, freelancing as an economist or consultant could be your path. You can offer your expertise on projects ranging from economic forecasting to policy analysis for clients across various sectors.


Let’s not forget about politicians who have an economics degree! Renowned figures like Dr. Manmohan Singh and Shri Subramanian Swamy have used their knowledge of economics to shape national policies and drive economic growth.


As an MA Economics graduate, you have the potential to become a true nation builder. Whether it’s through formulating policies that uplift communities or driving sustainable development initiatives, your skills will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our nation.

Keep Exploring

Remember that these are just a few examples of the many exciting career options available to MA Economics graduates in India. It’s important to explore different industries, network with professionals in the field, and stay updated on emerging trends to find the perfect fit for your skills and interests. Good luck on your journey towards a successful career!


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