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RBI Grade-B DEPR 2023 Exam: Phase-I Analysis: Economics Questions, Essay Topics, Expected Cut-off

As you are aware, the RBI DEPR 2023 Phase-1 exam has been conducted on 16 July 2023.

What is the Expected Cut-off for RBI DEPR Phase-1 Exam 2023

As mentioned in the following video, I do not expect Economics paper cut-off to rise by too much. In my humble opinion, cut-off for Economics paper may remain well below 50. Watch the following video to know about the kind of questions asked in RBI DEPR Phase-I exam 2023, Formal Letter topics for RBI DEPR Phase-I, and much more:

RBI Grade-B DEPR 2023 Phase-1 Exam: Previous Year Questions and Cut-off Analysis

Having Said that, an attempt to guess the cut-off and your expected marks at this stage is a futile exercise.

Ideally, you should assume that you are in a good position after phase-1 and look to maximise phase-2 score. Aim for 75+ in both papers of phase-2 exam. In the previous years, we have seen both examples: Candidates who have overturned their low Phase-1 score with a fantastic Phase-2 score. At the same time, there are candidates who score well in Phase-1 but fail to capitalise on Phase-2 ! You have to decide on which side you want to be.

Please do not wait for phase-1 result to begin phase-2 preparation. Rather, begin now itself.

I will try to prepare a video sharing my opinion on how to go about phase-2 preparation before the coming weekend. Pick up the syllabus, plan approach for each portion and begin the hard work.

All the best !


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