Questions asked during the interview are listed below:

M1 (Singhal sir)

  • Why you moved from to Economics field? What did u do during gap years?


  • What is banking Banks and non-banks difference? Do NBFCs register with RBI? What is the criteria for getting registered for NBFC?

M3 (lady member)

  • What are ECBs?
  • Reason for Sri Lankan crisis? Can India face the crisis?

M4 (lady member)

  • You are working in SEBI. Tell where coordination of RBI-SEBI happens and extent of penetration of securities market?
  • Financial inclusion index?
  • Rupee falling. What measures RBI took? What more it can take? What is monetary policy transmission?

 M5 lady member

  • What are Basel norms? Why they were required? India’s status in implementation


  • What is meaning of ‘accord’ in Basel accord?

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