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RBI Grade B DEPR 2023 Test Series: How will it Benefit You ?

RBI Grade B (DEPR) is one of the most sought-after exams for students of Economics. The Phase-I of the recruitment exam tests candidates’ comfort at subjects of Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics and Econometrics.

Over the last 2 years (RBI Grade B DEPR 2021 and RBI Grade B DEPR 2022), we have assisted preparation needs of many candidates, successfully ! And this year too, we aim to do the same.

For this, we are providing the best Video Course (for Phase-I) and the Test Series (for Phase-I). The Video Course on ‘Statistics and Econometrics’ has been ongoing since 25 November 2022. In case you are looking for a quality video course for this subject, we have provided 6 Trial Videos to help you take an informed decision. The videos can be watched only on the App (which works on mobile phone / tablet / iPad and NOT on Laptop/ Desktop). The link for downloading the App is available on our home page.

We have also launched the ‘Growth + Booster’ Test Series for the RBI DEPR 2023 Examination (only Phase-I). This post is meant give you brief information about the same.

How will our RBI Grade B DEPR Test Series Benefit You?

Whenever you are appearing for a competitive exam, there is a need to regularly evaluate your progress, understand where you are lagging and fill-the gaps.

Whether to enrol in our Test Series or not is your personal decision, but let me briefly mention salient features of our Test Series:

  1. Well-Researched Questions: We frame questions based on the pattern of examination followed in recent years. In fact, even before we released our first ever Mock Test (in 2021), we had decided to appear for the 2019 exam – to understand the requirements for this exam better. In short, we are serious about maintaining the quality of our Mock Tests.
  2. Focus on Syllabus: We focus on coverage of the syllabus. That is, we aim to frame questions from all important topics, so that you are able to gauge how well you have covered all the important topics.
  3. Solutions Panel: Remember just this: We intend to make it useful. Unless a question is absolutely straightforward, the solutions are in sufficient detail ! In fact, wherever feasible, we also try to include links to topic explanations / additional questions related to this topic, etc.


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