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Best Approach to RBI Grade B DEPR 2023 Test Series

In case you are looking for the best Test Series for the RBI Grade B DEPR Examination, this post is meant for you.

The schedule of the RBI Grade B DEPR Test Series can be found here.

Ideal way to utilise the Test Series: Prepare, Attempt and Review !

This section is important, so please read it attentively. A Test Series provides an opportunity to identify gaps in your preparation and fill them. Also, you would get an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.

To reap maximum benefits from the Test Series, I suggest that you should adopt the following approach:

  • Prepare Thoroughly Before Attempting the Mock Test: For each Test, you would know the syllabus in advance. Hence, before attempting the Mock Test, prepare the topics in the syllabus as if you were going for the final exam.
  • Attempt the Mock Test with exam-like attitude: Be excited about the Mock Test and aim to score full marks in the Mock Test, only then will the exam-like adreline-rush be triggered. And that’s important to give you a true ‘exam-like’ feel. And I will be watching your performance from the back-end and might scold you if you fail to score as per your potential 😊
  • Learn from Your Mistakes: After completing each Mock Test, sit down patiently to review the exam. You should go through the solutions of all questions, that is, both sets of questions: the ones which you’ve answered correctly and which you have answered incorrectly.  Go through all the links and make a note of any important information you come across.

Of course, you should pay special attention to the question you have answered incorrectly or did not attempt. And be holistic in your approach. For instance, if you answer a numerical on Substitution Effect wrong, then after reviewing its solution, you should go back and revise the entire concept, including the related diagrams. That is, revise the topic completely. If you follow this approach, you will see its benefits ! This year, we are also working on a feature to allow you to add a question to the list of ‘Important Questions’ to facilitate revision before the exam. Hopefully, you will find it useful.

Watch Out for Typos

Last year, it happened that some of the questions contained some typographical errors. Despite my best efforts, it is possible that that even this year, some questions may have typos. My experience suggests that in most of such cases, there will be no confusion and you will clearly know that there is an error.

However, at any stage, if you are unsure about the authenticity of  question / solution, please do not hesitate to drop me a message to seek clarification.

How to Enrol in the RBI DEPR 2023 Test Series

How RBI DEPR Test Series will Benefit You


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